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Being educators ourselves, my husband and I understand the challenges a teacher faces in the classroom. This is especially true when the class comprises toddlers who have limited language skills. The teacher needs to have a lot of patience and passion, as well as commitment to his/her job. Fortunately for our children, Rayan Lim (PN1) and Natasha Lim (PN2), they have such good form and co-form teachers. Professionalism, Patience & Passion 2 Ms Su Yanhong, Mdm Loh King Choo (of PN1), Mdm Samantha Xu and Mdm Li Xue (of PN2) possess the 3 ‘P’s; professionalism, patience and passion. They have demonstrated their duty of care and concern for children under their charge. The teachers have kept us informed of our children’s all-round development. Knowing how active Rayan and Natasha can be, we believe that the teachers’ patience and staying true to their passion and the mission of the centre have allowed them to bring out the best in Rayan and Natasha. Forthcoming In Providing Feedback 3 We believe that effective teachers provide consistent feedback, and not only during the scheduled parent-teacher meetings. The form and co-form teachers of PN1 and PN2 were able to do this which greatly helped us to provide reinforcement on the good practices and habits our children has picked up and ‘rehabilitation’ on the undesired ones. This has allowed us to better tailor our method of disciplining and educating them at home. Positive Impact & Influence On Our Children 5 The form and co-form teachers of PN1 and PN2 possess the 2 ‘I’s; impact and influence. Henry Brooks Adams once wrote: “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell, where his influence stops”. At home, our children would share with us daily on what they have learnt from their teachers in school and how they have enjoyed the teacher-led activities. 6 We would like to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Ms Su Yanhong, Mdm Loh King Choo, Mdm Samantha Xu and Mdm Li Xue for being present and be engaged in our children’s all-round development. We feel privileged that NurtureStars has such committed teachers as part of its caring teaching staff.
 - Mdm Cheryl Lim (Mother of Rayan Lim, PN1 and Natasha Lim, PN2)

My son joined NurtureStars at SAFRA Yishun Country Club in January 2011. Initially I was worried if I had made a wrong decision by switching him to a new centre with new friends and teachers. But NurtureStars had proved me wrong. Teachers are very caring, thoughtful, friendly and patient. The Principal is also very understanding and approachable. My son had adapted to the new environment very well. NurtureStars is also very clean and lively. It is the most well-organised child care centre I have ever seen. I really appreciate the dedicated and patient teachers in the centre and I am glad to leave my son in their capable hands. Well done, NurtureStars!
 - Ms Gina Chiam (Mother of Kden Tan Michael, K1)

Dear Nurturestar Management, My son is in K2 this year, name : Evan Peck Jie Enn. Like to commend his Teacher-in-charge, Joanna. We are very impressed with her dedication, always very forthcoming with her feedback regarding my child. She instills interesting programmes like injecting current affairs news to the kids' lessons , which my son enjoys tremendously. She's a jem to many kids in her class, we are very appreciative and grateful to have her guide and coach my son this year. Please continue to groom & polish her - she will shine like a star in terms of her dedication, passion and love for kids to be a leader in the future. Another Teacher to commend is Bian Lao Shi - she's also a very dedicated teacher.... Thank you for all the guidance and love for my son.
 - Mrs Peck (Mum of Evan Peck)