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I just want to feedback that the Mother’s Day program was really very good! We had a chance to interact with other parents and it was great. One parent commented that this was the 1st time for many years that we had such activity to get us together. And the idea to get daddy involved by appreciating their wife for their good work as a mother was fantastic! The notes from daddy put some moms to tears – so touch by the appreciate from their husband. And the teachers took so much effort to prepare for the programme and we really appreciate their hard and good work. We sensed their sincere care for our children and we are thankful to them. The teachers are like mums to our kids by taking care of them all the time. I’ll like to take this opportunity to appreciate Principal Jane and the teachers for taking time and effort to our mother’s day so memorable. Keep up the good work.
 - Ms. Janice Chia (Mother of Yosher Sanchez, K1 and Olivia Sanchez, N)

My son, Jaius Yio has been attending Nuturestars since 2013. He is currently in Nursery class. He had not been able to speak in Mandarin or was seldom exposed to Chinese when he's at home. Starting from june this year, I can always hear him trying to converse in Mandarin and is quite fluent in it. As he spends most of his time in school, I will like to credit this to his chinese teacher, ???, who has been with him since PN 2 till now. Thank you for being so patient and encouraging with him. Not only she has taught him well in his Chinese arena, she is also a very responsible teacher. When I pick my sons up from school, she will always be the one bringing Jaius out from the classroom (if she is still in school), updating me on what had happened that day in class. I really appreciate that. Thank you. In addition, i will also like to highlight that his english vocabulary has also never failed to shock me and my husband every week. Yes, every week! He comes home with new words every week when he converses with us. kudos to his english teacher too, teacher Nikki. Thus, i will like to propose that ??? will be able to follow them up to K1 so that the kids will be able to benefit much more, in preparation for their primary school journey. Last but not least, we will also like to thank Kit, for your leadership so that the kids are able to benefit from the various teacher's teachings.
 - Jocelyn (Parent of Jaius Yio Jun Xuan, Nursery)

I wanted to take the opportunity to express my thanks to the teachers for the great care they have shown to my daughter. She has learnt so much such as the concept of sharing, being part of a group, independence, doing things at the proper time and place. Most importantly she loves being at Nurturestars and that puts my mind at ease while I'm away. THANK YOU!
 - Mrs Tan (Mother of Charmaine, PN2)