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The teachers at NurtureStars are friendly and professional. The centre is conducive for learning and playing. Jovan has become more sociable now and always surprises us with the things he has learnt at NurtureStars.
 - Ms Serena Tan (Mother of Jovan Shum, PN1)

We are very glad that we can be part of today's inaugural Nurturestars sports day. Besides Benjamin, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Thank you for the extra effort put in to rehearse and practise besides the daily curriculum. I know it is not easy. Please give yourself an AWESOME clap! Judging from the turnout this morning and the parents' participation, indeed the first sports day has been a success. Hope that it will become an annual event. In fact, we are already looking forward to next year event. Thank you!
 - Mr. Chang Kok Boon (Father of Benjamin Chang, K1)

I would like to thank all the staff in NurtureStars who had successfully set up the new centre in such a short time. Kelly is able to adapt well to the new environment. Thanks to all dedicated and friendly teachers in the centre. Hope that the centre will continue with its good work and help all children to develop excellently.
 - Ms Tee Lay Peng (Mother of Kelly Nai, K1)