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Searching for a quality preschool that provides a well-rounded education for your precious little one? Make NurtureStars Preschool your choice today!

Managed by SAFRA and Kinderland, NurtureStars Preschool is a new, one-stop preschool that provides a holistic education experience to groom your child's potential to the fullest and prepare for primary school. 


Registration for 2017 Preschool Now Open for ALL NurtureStars Preschool Centres:

Register now to ensure you receive your preferred schedule.

NurtureStars Preschool Roadshow @ TAMPINES SAFRA
Date: 10th to 15th April, Monday to Saturday
Time: 10am to 2pm

NurtureStars Preschool Roadshow @ JURONG SAFRA
Date: 12th to 13th May, Friday and Saturday
Time: 10am to 2pm

Enjoy a waiver on Registration Fee (worth $200), a NurtureStars School bag and 1-for-1 NurtureStars Uniform (Long Sleeve) upon signing up!

Valid only on Open House and Roadshow events.


Dear Nurturestar Management, My son is in K2 this year, name : Evan Peck Jie Enn. Like to commend his Teacher-in-charge, Joanna. We are very impressed with her dedication, always very forthcoming with her feedback regarding my child. She instills interesting programmes like injecting current affairs news to the kids' lessons , which my son enjoys tremendously. She's a jem to many kids in her class, we are very appreciative and grateful to have her guide and coach my son this year. Please continue to groom & polish her - she will shine like a star in terms of her dedication, passion and love for kids to be a leader in the future. Another Teacher to commend is Bian Lao Shi - she's also a very dedicated teacher.... Thank you for all the guidance and love for my son.
 - Mrs Peck (Mum of Evan Peck)

Teacher Shi and Teacher Sue - Just a little note of appreciation for the time and energy you have put in to guide and teach Rachel Luo Haining which she can be a headache at times as she is an active kid, very sorry to have created problems while in school as well. With Rachel under your care and teachings, she really learned a lot and also improved tremendously in her Chinese.Thank you for all your hard work, time commitment and planning that you have plan for the kids in Nursery. Abacus Teacher/Chinese Speech and Drama Teacher - Appreciate your patience and tolerance with Rachel attending your classes, she still needs guidance from you and hope you can give her the attention that she needs. We as parents understand that she is mischievous at times but she will listen to the teachers. All the other teachers/helpers - Appreciate your help in any form to have taken care of Rachel Luo and make her feel at home even in a child care environment. She really cultivated some good practices from school and put in good use even in home environment. We sincerely appreciate it your concern and care given to the kids.
 - Jane Wong / Sam Loh (Parents of Luo Hai Ning, N)

Ms Joyce made me feel warm, friendly, approachable, kind, patience and takes care of the teachers and welfare of the children. I am reassured of NurtureStars with your care and concern for us mothers who made NurtureStars Childcare Centre the only choice. NurtureStars has really put in an effort to find a good leader to helm the centre. Chloe likes to go to the centre now. Thank you Ms Joyce.
 - Ms Sabrina Yue (Mother of Chloe Tok, Nursery)